DrumGoat is now on Alexa – Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant.

Because the best drummers are always improving, you’ll want to download DrumGoat’s new Rudiment of the Day app for Alexa. Using the Rudiment of the Day app allows you to hear and become familiar with a new drum rudiment every day as part of your morning news briefing with Alexa.

The new app is a spinoff of the original DrumGoat app for iPhone, but it brings something entirely new to the game that’s only possible with Alexa.

To get started, just open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone and search for “DrumGoat.” https://www.amazon.com/DrumGoats-Rudiment-of-the-Day/dp/B06XV2D23Y/

And of course don’t forget to test your skills with the original DrumGoat iPhone app, available in the App Store. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/drumgoat/id1114406287?mt=8


DrumGoat is alive!

Hey – DrumGoat is alive! You can browse to the app page here. LINK

This is the beginning of a fun journey to get lots and lots of people reading and hearing music from a drummer’s perspective. And we’re glad you’re with us.

We understand if you liked this and signed up NOT because you are all about drum rudiments. In fact maybe you don’t even know what a double-paradiddle is. Maybe you’re a friend of one of us developers or perhaps you’re just drum-curious.

Regardless of your reason, Thank You! And we can all learn something new, right?

The initial goal of the DrumGoat team is to get 100 people able to audibly and visually recognize all 40 standard rudiments laid out by the Percussive Arts Society (http://www.pas.org). Success determined by users passing all levels of the app. And we look forward to accomplishing this goal very soon.

To better drummers!


Audio = Added

we had a blast toying with goat sounds2

We had a blast coming up with audio to play when you beat a level. And it gets really fun if you pass the level with 100% accuracy.

Looking forward to packing the app full of lots of easter eggs for users who put in the hard work and learn all the rudiments perfectly.



Another Day, Another Submission

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 9.53.29 AM-3

Submitting another version this morning. (Stayed up way too late working on this)

Fun fact: the very first submission of DrumGoat was rejected because we weren’t accounting for the iPad… oops! But the good news is besides that first one, every submission has been accepted by Apple.

However we actually keep rejecting the releases ourselves, either because we find a bug, or we realize there’s something important we left out.

So for this build we incorporated a new logo designed for us by Andrew Senter. And then afterward a Fiverr artist named “Ilustrator” cleaned it up and now it’s front and center on the start-up page of the app. Yippee!


The Beginning

After meeting today with a good friend of mine, I was encouraged to step out and create a blog about an iPhone app some friends and I are developing.

This app is called DrumGoat and the purpose of it is to help people become better drummers. For now it’s very simple… the app operates in a quiz-like fashion, concentrating on drum rudiments.

The way it works is the app shows you a drum rudiment in music notation form and you also get to hear what it sounds like. But then it’s your job to say what it’s called – the name of the rudiment.

The app includes the standard 40 rudiments declared by the Percussive Arts Society (http://www.pas.org).

It’s been a blast so far working on this and I’m actually learning a lot personally. I’m embarrassed to say there are some rudiments I didn’t even know existed. Yikes.

Honestly I wish I had this app when I was growing up. I also wish I had an iPhone back then too, haha!